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  •         Liaise with clients to identify specific business problems and develop ideas;
  •         Communicate with colleagues within the agency, such as creatives and account managers, in the process of developing a campaign;
  •         Gain a comprehensive context for advertising strategies by analysing a range of information in great detail, including demographics, socio-economics and the market for the client’s product and market share;
  •         Reconcile the differences between consumers’ current perceptions of the brand and the way the client wishes the brand to be perceived;
  •         Meet the client to learn the background of the brand and advise on possible approaches to the target market;
  •         Provide the creative team with a clearly defined brief that contains concise information on the product, audience and strategy;
  •         Media planning to promote big idea of the campaign and maximize the efficiency of the campaign
  •         Present conclusions and ideas to clients
  •         Analyse and interpret customer response and sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Key skills

  •        1 – 2 years of experience working in a similar Planning role within an integrated marketing communications agency
  •         A solid background in developing brand and communications strategies across a variety of client sectors and marketing channels both on and off line
  •         A strong understanding of core best practice strategic planning skills and tools
  •         Comprehensive understanding of the changing media landscape and new digital engagement techniques
  •         A good knowledge of the media and how strategy planning influences it
  •         Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  •         The ability to make complex subjects understandable

PMAX Perks

  • With us you will find an exciting blend of a vibrant startup environment and professional operations. Many of our employees have backgrounds as successful corporate executives and management consultant, with strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • A talented and very motivated team with flat hierarchy
  • An exciting opportunity to learn and grow, a real challenge – we uphold to high quality standards where team effort is pivotal and solution is rarely obvious, you can and is expected to shape the way forwards
  • Opportunities to initiate and implement operational and strategic initiatives every day
  • Competitive compensation (from $500 – $1000)
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