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R&D Executive

10-12-2020 16:18:31

Your responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

  • Develop Innovation Strategy for Pmax to build competitive advantages
  • Build and manage knowledge center system (structuring knowledge, qualified and update new knowledge)
  • Maximize knowledge usage through conducting user research and internal communication activities
  • Coordinate with other team to deliver R&D result
  • Build and manage the process of capturing internal knowledge (Tacit & Explicit) across multiple departments
  • Plan, control schedule and coordinate with other departments in implementing a development project
  • Technical support to quality matters and BOD requirements, etc.


  • Bachelor Degree, Background of marketing
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar position or relevant
  • Great problem solving skill
  • Good project management skill, can work independently or collaboratively with other departments and individuals in multiple project types.
  • Good communication skill, can persuade and change organization behaviour to adopt new system/knowledge
  • Self-motivated, can-do attitude, bring optimism and positive energy to the team
  • Fast-self-learning, self-research and acquire knowledge about market trends or on-demand knowledge.
  • Have ability to work under pressure environment (big big pressure)
  • Good knowledge and expertise about performance marketing
  • Creative, Dynamic, Teamwork and Customer-oriented
  • A team player who is confident to express their own ideas but listens to and considers the opinions of others.
  • Analytical, methodical thinker who can draw conclusions and make recommendations based upon multiple sources of data and observations.
  • Mental flexibility to deal with the work demands in a constantly changing R&D environment
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