"PMAX App marketing solution provides businesses with full channel strategies to create, capture, monetize, and retain demand, recruiting new installs and convert them into active users with high lifetime value. - Consulting services for Organic Growth: ASO audit, plan & optimization, Monetization strategy, UX/UI optimization, Organic re-engagement tactics (Push notification, Email, Co-marketing) - Execution services for Paid Growth: Paid media for branding & acquisition & retargeting, Creative optimization tactics, Tracking & analytics tools, In-app event & value optimization"


PMAX App Solution is developed and continuously updated to fit with all businesses who want to grow their app, especially for 3 main verticals: Finance (Bank, Insurance, Mobile payment...), Ecommerce, and Travel. Along with acquiring audiences that contribute to the business value, PMAX also assists clients in preventing app fraud and maximize their return on investments in apps.

  • KPI performance:

    We work to ensure highest benefits for our clients: we constantly optimize campaigns towards Customer Value as measured by minimizing Customer Acquisition Cost and maximizing Revenue per user.

  • Full app solution:

    With our 8+ years experience in Digital Marketing and App Growth for leading apps in Vietnam like Lazada and Zalopay, we are able to not only execute paid marketing activities but also consult you on the Organic ones to bring your app toward potential audiences and convert them into loyal paid users.

  • Fraud resolution:

    We work closely with our clients on data analytics to detect fraud and assist handling fraud issues on a daily basis as well as advising them on implementing validation rules to reduce wasted cost and secure sustainable growth.

  • Driven 3M+ non-incentivized installs on both iOS & Android
  • Driven 10X Paying Users with CAC decreased by 63%
Leading Performance Marketing Agency in Vietnam
Marketing Agency in Vietnam

PMAX has strong expertise in acquiring audience specialized for 3 main markets: Fintech (Finance & Insurance, E-wallet), Education, Beauty & Spa. That helps more than 50 brands to launch and generate high standard qualified leads in market.

How we get there
  • Full services to maximize performance throughout customer journey from online to offline, from web to app and commit from raw lead to end funnel of campaign.
  • Multiple tools and layers filter were researched and applied with accurate tactics to deeply segment and acquire high quality audience based on customer demand and insight
How we get there
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