Comprehensive solution covers full range of digital branding services from strategic planning to digital execution, powered by the deep understanding of customer insight and expertise in delivering exclusive O2O media planning services, which deliver maximum value in term of brand awareness with the most cost efficient manner to our clients..


Nowaday, branding solution is the combination between traditional and digital campaign. Start from the principle of marketing, we amplify the branding campaign on digital platform where we can not only gain awareness and also brand love among milion users on the Internet. Our focus is to create and shape unique brand personalities and build connections with your customers, encourage them to take action on every digital touchpoint.

  • Strength in Strategy:
    PMAX provide our clients with strategic marketing consultancy built on years of digital experience and marketing insight. Continual testing, planning and adjustment ensures our clients point of difference is always working as effectively as possible to generate the greatest return on your investment.
  • Digital brilliance:
    PMAX combine strategic intelligence and development expertise to solve complex challenges and deliver beautiful, yet effective interface design, integrating creativity with the highest levels of technology while keeping use data-driven approach, strategic planning, accompanied with modern technology to keep your campaign on the right track.
  • Creative Vision:
    PMAX harness original thinking and creative flair to develop fresh, bold and commercially viable ideas. In the increasingly competitive advertising world, innovation is required to ensure your brand is receiving the attention it deserves. Our campaigns trigger genuine emotion, prompt conversation and most importantly, drive short and long-term purchase behaviour.
  • 70M impression accross media channels
  • Driven 8X engagement with the organic engagement increased by 340%
  • Increased 16pts in term of ad recall lift within 6 weeks
Leading Performance Marketing Agency in Vietnam
Marketing Agency in Vietnam

PMAX has strong expertise in acquiring audience specialized for 3 main markets: Fintech (Finance & Insurance, E-wallet), Education, Beauty & Spa. That helps more than 50 brands to launch and generate high standard qualified leads in market.

How we get there
  • Full services to maximize performance throughout customer journey from online to offline, from web to app and commit from raw lead to end funnel of campaign.
  • Multiple tools and layers filter were researched and applied with accurate tactics to deeply segment and acquire high quality audience based on customer demand and insight
How we get there
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