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From April 7, 2021, PMAX Joint Stock Company announced a change in brand positioning, becoming a provider of Total Performance Marketing (Comprehensive Performance Marketing) solutions. Accordingly, PMAX is expected to create a strong and comprehensive Marketing ecosystem in Asia.

Comprehensive Marketing solution: Revenue growth – Cost optimization

Entering the era of 5.0, many businesses from large companies, multinational corporations to small and medium-sized startups (SMEs) have chosen PMAX’s comprehensive marketing solution to maximize marketing effectiveness, help businesses increase growth and create sustainable economic value.

Many businesses from large companies, multinational corporations to small and medium-sized startups (SMEs) have chosen PMAX’s comprehensive marketing solution.
Photo: PMAX

Sharing about the new positioning, Mr. Le Xuan Long – General Director of PMAX Joint Stock Company said: “We always want to bring effective growth to businesses through comprehensive marketing solutions. . Because, in the process of serving customers, we realize that growth potential can be fully exploited from many other aspects of marketing. It can be mentioned that in the strategy and content section, there is a ‘land’ that needs strong investment. In addition, technology and data play a key role, creating the ‘key’ to long-term effective growth for businesses.”

Mr. Le Xuan Long – General Director of PMAX Joint Stock Company wishes to bring effective growth to businesses through a comprehensive marketing solution.
Photo: PMAX

With the positioning of Total Performance Marketing, PMAX has been expanding the range of services and solutions provided to businesses, focusing on 6 main areas: Communication (Media), Creativity (Creative), Strategy (Strategy). , Technology (Tech), Data (Data) and Platform (Landing Page/ Website/ App Production).

Especially, for the e-commerce segment – one of the key industries of PMAX and the market, PMAX continues to provide more solutions for sales campaign management (Ecommerce Sale Campaign Management) and optimization. Optimize the display activities on the sales page (Merchandising Enhancement), bringing a comprehensive set of growth-promoting solutions for e-commerce.

Accordingly, PMAX creates a comprehensive and comprehensive Marketing ecosystem, thereby serving all the marketing needs of customers at different sizes and stages of development.

With a new positioning as Total Performance Marketing, PMAX builds a comprehensive, open and strong Marketing ecosystem.
Photo: PMAX

In other words, Total Performance Marketing solution has made PMAX a unique, special and multi-faceted One-stop-shop Solution company in the market. Since then, PMAX has always wanted to bring revenue growth, increase convenience and create sustainable economic value for businesses.

It can be seen that the expansion of Marketing services is an ambitious and breakthrough step of PMAX. And to do this, PMAX not only focuses highly on the advantage of advertising / promotion solutions (Advertising / Promotion), but also needs to promote the development of internal capabilities in other areas of the ecosystem. thai. At the same time, expanding relationships and close cooperation with many key partners with the same orientation to build an ecosystem is extremely important for PMAX in this period.

What makes a strong PMAX like today?

According to Mr. Long, in just 5 years of operation, PMAX owns a team of qualified personnel (over 100 people), has extensive experience and has served hundreds of customers of large corporations and multinational companies. nation. Moreover, PMAX also “owns” many research projects and advanced technology/data systems. Typically, PAXY – a tool to support planning, optimizing and reporting performance marketing results on multi-channel based on data and algorithm optimization (Data-driven).

PMAX owns a system of many research projects and advanced technology/data systems
Photo: PMAX

Talking about the development potential of PMAX, Ms. Linh Nguyen, Unit Head of Digital Marketing of FE CREDIT, commented: “PMAX came to FE CREDIT with a commitment to accompany with enthusiasm even though performance marketing for the consumer finance industry has had complex conversion process, rigorous performance measurement matrix and limited target customer touchpoints Until today, after more than 3 years of cooperation, PMAX – together with a young team of flexible, good listeners and always unwavering Continuously improving performance has proven its solid development ability and ability to reach out with the Total Performance Marketing positioning”.

With its position, resources and ambitious vision, it can be said that PMAX is a “dragon” that is rising strongly in the field of Digital Marketing in Asia. From that promise, PMAX will be a quality, reliable and potential companion of domestic and foreign enterprises.

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