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“Peace of Mind to Explore Freely”: When Traveling Post-Pandemic is No Longer a Concern.


Successful Story

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel behaviors and habits of consumers have significantly changed. Besides the joy of traveling, safety and peace of mind are now top priorities for many travelers. Seizing this opportunity, Bao Viet – with support from PMAX – quickly added to customers’ travel checklists with two new insurance programs. Let’s explore how Bao Viet and PMAX implemented the campaign in the following content.

Project Context

After the COVID-19 pandemic, customers’ desire to travel has increased more than ever. However, having gone through a pandemic with many health concerns, safety has caused customers to have more worries and anxiety when traveling.

To address customers’ concerns, Bao Viet has developed two new insurance programs: Flexi International Travel Insurance and Flight Easy Delay Insurance. These insurance programs promise to provide absolute safety in terms of health and finance so that customers can comfortably travel the world.

To increase awareness of these insurance programs, Bao Viet has partnered with PMAX to enhance brand recognition, thereby helping to increase the number of customers using the insurance programs.

Project Goals

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Boost sales for the two insurance programs.
  • Increase interaction and customer engagement on social media platforms.


One of the major concerns for customers traveling post-pandemic is health safety and confidence in their flight schedules. Typically, customers hesitate if they are not sure about safety guarantees for their life and personal property. Additionally, the risk associated with flight bookings (such as flight delays) also negatively impacts the travel experience and indirectly causes customers to spend a lot of time deliberating and deciding whether to travel.

Understanding customer concerns about traveling and recognizing the value of two insurance programs from Bao Viet, PMAX used a set of post-pandemic travel scenarios and tips to initially raise customer awareness about the risks of traveling. This leads customers to the solutions offered by the Flexi International Travel Insurance and Flight Easy Delay Insurance programs.

Campaign Idea

With a commitment to prioritizing customer safety, the message “An tâm thỏa sức khám phá” (Peace of Mind to Explore Freely) was carefully chosen by Bao Viet Insurance to subtly reach out to a young customer base who enjoy traveling and exploring but still prioritize their health protection.

Campaign Direction

For the Flexi International Travel Insurance, PMAX incorporated a series of contemporary hot trends such as the “6 Days 6 Nights Challenge,” promoting carefree living in its content to highlight Flexi’s major advantage of providing comprehensive worldwide coverage for both life and personal property.

Moreover, tapping into the psychology of seeking practical benefits from insurance coverage, PMAX used sets of post-pandemic travel scenarios and tips to indirectly let customers experience potential travel risks abroad while vividly illustrating the benefits provided by Flexi.

For the Flight Easy delay insurance, leveraging its standout feature of compensation up to 35 times the cost and immediate payouts within 5 minutes, PMAX once again used scenarios of customer flight delays, adding humor to emphasize a 180-degree change in customer experience with Flight Easy: from sadness to happiness, from passivity to proactivity, instantly receiving compensation for delayed flights and joyfully rearranging schedules instead of previous negative reactions.

To convey the message “Peace of Mind to Explore Freely,” PMAX chose to present content through videos and single banners, with a straightforward media strategy focused precisely on the target customer group.

Solutions & Services


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With the goal of brand recognition for Bao Viet’s two travel insurance programs, PMAX achieved 100% of the set KPIs and beyond:

  • Over 10,000 interactions on the Facebook Page;
  • Over 2,600,000 impressions within the three weeks of the campaign;
  • Trend-catching angles and mini-games brought an engagement rate of up to 75%;
  • A 30% uplift in the Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to the previous period.
% Revenue Growth