Effective Growth Solutions for Multi-channel Online Sales Businesses.

Over 300 clients across 5+ industries have successfully grown their businesses with PMAX solutions.

Key Highlights

Superior marketing and advertising capabilities combined with a massive data management repository from over 5+ industries.

Comprehensive multi-channel sales solutions driven by deep industry insights to boost conversions and growth.

A collaborative fusion of solution groups, integrating strategic planning, media execution, commercialization, merchandising, and data-powered insight


APAC Digital Agency of the Year

MMA Smarties APAC 2023


SEA eCommerce Agency of the Year

Agency of the Year SEA 2022


Southeast Asia Performance Agency of the Year

Agency of the Year SEA 2023

PMAX maximizes business results
by key solutions

Social Messaging Performance Solutions

PMAX exudes confidence in its messaging sales solutions, empowering businesses to achieve not only a high volume of quality messages but also optimized sales conversions through our robust post-sales funnel strategies.

• Meta Premier Partner
• Messaging Sales Experts
• Data-Driven Optimization
• Holistic Sales Strategies
• Deep Data Analysis

TikTok Performance Solutions

PMAX unlocks TikTok marketing potential with comprehensive guidance for sustainable growth.

• Strategic Partnership: Collaborate directly with TikTok Ads, Shop, and Affiliate for exclusive insights and resources
• Data-Driven Strategies: Transform insights into action with in-depth analytics for optimized campaigns
• Full-Spectrum Marketing: Grow sustainably with comprehensive solutions from brand awareness to sales

E-commerce Website Performance Solutions

With 7+ years of e-commerce experience, PMAX has helped clients from store setup to revenue optimization across channels.

• Deep expertise in data measurement and analysis
• Highly skilled advertising team
• Capability in developing comprehensive programs
• Ability to formulate strategic plans

E-commerce Marketplace Solutions

PMAX has +7 years of experience in assisting businesses with their e-commerce endeavors, from setting up online stores to optimizing revenue across multiple channels

• A highly skilled advertising team that leverages data for optimization.
• Expertise in developing programs on e-commerce platforms, combining product planning, promotions, and optimizing display.
• Strategic planning and roadmap development, optimized based on deep industry knowledge.

Our clients

What our clients say about us

PMAX has been a steadfast partner of VINFAST, working closely on various projects throughout our journey. Over the past year, they have embraced VINFAST's objectives as their own, aligning closely with the needs of our customers. The fervor of the PMAX team is ever-present, providing unwavering support to VINFAST, crafting and implementing dynamic strategies to meet our goals in the intricate landscape of the automotive industry, spanning both online and offline realms. Without a doubt, PMAX exemplifies the essence of Total Performance Marketing.

Mr. Hoang Nguyen

Digital Marketing Manager

PMAX operates as the CPAS Performance agency for the TEFAL brand under Groupe Seb Vietnam. With a young, creative, and passionate team, PMAX has consistently strived and partnered closely with the brand to achieve remarkable results in various Mega Campaigns. Not only have they optimized Performance effectively, but their content creation team has also excelled in bringing the TEFAL brand closer to Vietnamese consumers

Ms. Nhung Le

E-commerce Manager

What impresses me most about PMAX is their enthusiastic support and high level of expertise in performance marketing, coming from a young and flexible team. Throughout over a year of collaboration with PMAX, their deep understanding of the market, brand, and products has enabled them to combine data-driven insights with creativity to devise highly effective strategies and deployment plans for VINSMART's new product launches and sales optimization. I believe this sets the stage for further collaboration opportunities between both parties.

Mr. Vinh

Marketing Lead

If you are looking for a digital communication service that provides comprehensive data analysis with accurate information - choose PMAX. Throughout our collaboration, PMAX has functioned as an internal digital department for Zalopay with deep understanding and dedicated support tailored to our needs. Moreover, they continuously monitor and optimize Zalopay's activities based on well-developed logic along with responsive actions. PMAX is always proactive in providing suggestions on monitoring timelines and methods for building testing plans.

Ms. Ma Thi Thu Ngan

Marketing Specialist

PMAX possesses significant strength in experience and knowledge in the field of performance marketing in general and e-commerce marketing in particular. Throughout our collaboration, PMAX has consistently provided innovative ideas and practical action proposals not only in media optimization but also in organizing sales programs, optimizing sales pages, as well as content and visuals.

Ms. Tam Ngo

Senior Marketing Manager

The first thing to mention about PMAX must be their unique expertise and solid experience in Performance Digital Marketing, especially in the e-commerce sector. We believe that this is something you cannot find at any other company in Vietnam. Additionally, I am very impressed with how PMAX treats us and how they manage advertising campaigns because they are very sensitive, supportive, and proactive. Throughout our collaboration, they continuously committed to providing us with initiatives while always improving the performance of the campaigns. PMAX has greatly supported TIKI in experimenting with various things, providing real-time data, detailed reports, and creative solutions. Overall, I am satisfied with the services of PMAX.

Mr. Ryan Wilber

Director of Performance Marketing

A remarkable team of young, dynamic, and professional individuals who are dedicated to our partners and always focused on finding solutions that optimize performance!

Mr. Tuong

Marketing Manager

PMAX came to FE CREDIT with a commitment full of passion, despite the complex conversion processes in consumer finance performance marketing, stringent efficacy measurement matrices, and limited customer touchpoints. And today, after more than three years of collaboration, PMAX—along with a young, flexible team that listens and continuously improves performance—has proven its solid development potential and capacity to reach further with a positioning in Total Performance Marketing.

Ms. Linh Nguyen

Unit Head of Digital Marketing Department