Increase brand recognition and collect a list of potential customers for conversion.


Successful Story

VINFAST achieved a 71% increase in car sales compared to 2019, rising to become one of the top 5 best-selling car brands in 2020.

In the context of a fluctuating economy and intense competition from major global car brands, PMAX and VINFAST jointly developed and executed digital marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness and attract potential customers.

Project Context

Backed and developed by VinGroup, VINFAST continuously innovates to deliver smart and valuable automotive and electric motorcycle experiences to customers.

As experts in Performance Marketing, PMAX, together with VINFAST, plans to optimize brand recognition for new vehicle models and gather data on potential customers to support the VINFAST sales department in successfully converting sales.

Project Goals

PMAX collaborates with VINFAST on campaigns for launching new products (President, V8, VF e34) and monthly sales promotion/showroom opening campaigns.

The campaign objectives are not only focused on building awareness but also on driving the consideration phase and converting into potential customers to achieve the top-selling car status each month.

Campaign Direction

In the initial phase, PMAX deployed a Digital Marketing plan based on VINFAST’s overall strategy to optimize the brand recognition of the client. Moving into the second phase, PMAX, together with VINFAST, planned and executed media channels with the goal of converting potential customer groups into new customers.

Moreover, with experience in implementing new brand branding plans, PMAX joined VINFAST in developing an overall strategy to optimize brand recognition for future product launches.

The rigorous data analysis model and optimization allow PMAX to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign, ad group, and individual ads, not just stopping at generating leads but also moving to Qualified Leads and Purchase Conversions. Additionally, to optimize conversions effectively, PMAX participated in consulting on the lead management process together with the VINFAST team and achieved significant improvements in the conversion rate from Leads to Sales.


  • VINFAST achieved a 71% growth in vehicle sales compared to 2019, rising to become one of the top 5 best-selling car brands in 2020.
  • The metrics for Awareness and Lead generation consistently performed better than planned (averaging over 120%).
  • VINFAST recorded a record sales year with 30,000 cars sold in 2020, among which the VINFAST Fadil was in the top 10 best-selling cars of the year.
% car sales growth compared to 2019