Increase revenue and ROAS through coordinated performance marketing strategies.


Successful Story

Revenue grew sixfold accompanied by a corresponding threefold increase in the Revenue Over Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Successfully implemented a performance media campaign, combining customer behavior research and content development planning to optimize marketing effectiveness.

Project Context

Watsons is a cosmetics and healthcare retailer under the Watsons AS Group, with a vision to become number one in Asia.

To solve the challenge of increasing revenue along with effective ROAS when entering the Vietnamese market in 2019, Watsons chose PMAX as its partner for performance marketing.

Project Goals

Continuous monthly growth in revenue and ROAS.

Campaign Direction

Initially, PMAX partnered with Watsons as a media partner, focusing on consulting and executing activities to grow both revenue and ROAS. Later, to optimize marketing performance, PMAX delved into customer behavior research, providing solutions for analyzing and understanding customer behavior, from which it developed content strategies on-platform (onsite) and advertising (offsite).

Throughout the partnership, PMAX continuously optimized advertising campaigns through various approaches to target customer groups on both Facebook and Google, while implementing A/B testing plans for content, bidding forms, optimization goals, etc., to find the best solutions for Watsons’ growth on both the website and app platforms.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, PMAX also provided consulting solutions for other issues to improve operational effectiveness such as measurement, data structuring, product selection strategies, and sales and promotion program development. The efficiency tracking charts and reporting processes, along with a tight collaboration between the two teams, contribute to making quick, timely, and reasonable decisions to maximize growth.

Solutions & Services


  • E-commerce
  • Branding


  • Strategy
  • Media
  • Creative
  • Research


  • Effective advertising activities have helped Watsons achieve a sixfold increase in revenue along with a threefold growth in ROAS after one year of entering the Vietnamese market.
  • Through qualitative and quantitative research, Watsons has gained a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviors, which has led to adjustments in their marketing strategy to deliver more value to their customers.
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