Increase sales across platforms with a comprehensive E-commerce Marketing solution.


Successful Story

PMAX and LocknLock have partnered to achieve the goal of increasing revenue from sales on E-commerce platforms for LocknLock. In addition to implementing advertising campaigns, PMAX also assists LocknLock in planning campaign management, merchandising, and developing design & content ideas to achieve the best marketing effectiveness.

Comparison before and after partnering with PMAX:

  • GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) increased by 112%
  • Orders increased by 25%
  • AOV (Average Order Value) increased by 132%

Project Context

LocknLock is a Korean company specializing in high-quality household products and has long established a solid reputation among Vietnamese consumers.

With extensive experience in E-commerce Marketing, PMAX has been a strategic partner of LocknLock for the past two years.

Project Goals

LocknLock’s objective in each campaign is to attract potential customers to their store page and product pages, thereby optimizing conversions to increase sales.

Campaign Direction

In the initial phase, PMAX focused on planning budget allocation, campaign structure, setting up, and optimizing advertisements on Facebook and Google, aiming to increase quality traffic and conversion rates. Continuous A/B testing activities were applied to each campaign according to the schedule, providing insights and directions for improving future campaigns.

To achieve outstanding and more sustainable sales growth, PMAX and LocknLock jointly developed plans for sales campaigns and merchandising that included planning product selection, pricing, types of promotional programs, optimizing store display, and SEO-optimized product information content.

Integrating these activities with the prior media optimization helped LocknLock improve indicators both in terms of scale and growth performance.

Successful Factors

Media Optimization: PMAX leverages CPAS channels to optimize traffic with the goal of increasing Conversion Rate (CR) across products and product groups.

Good Onsite Visibility: LocknLock utilizes premium display packages on platforms, combined with significant market recognition, thus enhancing the overall effect.

Data Model: Implements a Data Prediction Model to optimize CPAS in real-time and throughout the campaign duration, ensuring high CR traffic. Concurrently, PMAX employs a Commercial View to prioritize and select suitable products, thereby optimizing Qualified Traffic.

Solutions & Services


  • E-commerce


  • Media strategy & optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Merchandising enhancement
  • Content production


  • The Conversion Rate (CR) and revenue consistently exceed 120% of expectations in each campaign, with an increasingly expanding and loyal customer base to the brand.
  • GMV increased by 112% compared to before collaborating with PMAX.
  • Orders grew by 25% compared to before collaborating with PMAX.
  • AOV (Average Order Value) increased by 132% compared to before the collaboration with PMAX.
% CR and Revenue Achieved Compared to Expectations