PMAX was awarded Digital Agency of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region at the MMA Smarties APAC 2023



In the dynamic and competitive digital landscape, PMAX has proven itself not only as a leading provider of comprehensive marketing solutions domestically but also as a formidable player on the global stage. This recognition was solidified when PMAX surpassed numerous renowned agencies from various countries to be crowned Digital Agency of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region, as recognized by MMA Smarties.

What distinguishes PMAX and enables it to make a significant impact not only in Vietnam but also across the Asia-Pacific region?

PMAX’s journey to deliver value to the marketing industry is more than just about driving growth for clients; it’s a testament to its strategic vision, adaptability, and continuous innovation. From understanding market needs and trends to creatively integrating new technologies into strategy and executing marketing campaigns, every step taken by PMAX is geared towards creating value for multinational businesses and consumers alike.

By organizing expert teams according to industries, PMAX delves deep into each market segment to deliver effective growth for businesses through comprehensive marketing solutions with unique competitive advantages:

  • Total Performance Marketing Solutions encompassing multi-layered strategies, execution, and ROI optimization.
  • PAXY – A multi-channel marketing SaaS product.
  • Creative For Performance – A data-driven creative optimization solution.
  • Industry-specialized advisory teams with extensive hands-on experience across hundreds of projects.
  • Data and technology platforms seamlessly integrated into all customer experience-building and optimization activities.

The comprehensive marketing solutions provided by PMAX deliver effective growth outcomes for clients across multiple industries and countries

Throughout its 8-year journey of formation and development, PMAX has consistently focused on innovative breakthroughs to generate sustainable growth value for its clients through digital marketing activities. With the repositioning of its brand to “Total Performance Marketing” in 2021, PMAX remains steadfast in its primary objective: to drive efficient growth for businesses through comprehensive marketing solutions. The potential for brand growth originates from various facets of marketing such as strategy, content, creativity, platforms, technology, and data. This positioning has become the guiding principle in all of PMAX’s endeavors.

 Total Performance Marketing Solutions

PMAX’s Total Performance Marketing Solution encompasses a holistic marketing model that demonstrates the tight integration between various marketing elements to achieve the highest business effectiveness. This includes:

  • Multi-tiered strategy: Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and Brand Strategy based on the Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) method.
  • Optimization of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion): Covering product, price, distribution channels, and promotions.
  • Multi-channel Communication Optimization (Paid, Owned, Earned).
  • Creative Content Development: Utilizing diverse media channels and appropriate creative content to reach customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Data Strategy: Measurement, analysis, and optimization based on collected data.

The main solutions offered by PMAX for customers.

PMAX’s Key Solutions for Clients combine these elements to maximize efficiency and ROI, focusing on integrating strategy and execution with data as the foundation. These solutions include:

Branding for Performance:

  • Enhancing brand awareness at different stages of business development, product life cycle, and industry.
  • Building awareness and stimulating consumption for new products or campaigns.
  • Expanding the potential customer base to ensure short-term, medium-term, and long-term growth.

E-commerce & Social Commerce:

  • Building and expanding the presence of e-commerce & social commerce platforms.
  • Attracting high-quality traffic and acquiring new customers at low costs.
  • Increasing revenue with a high return on advertising spend (ROAS).
  • Improving customer retention rates and lifetime customer value.

Lead Generation:

  • Attracting high-quality leads at optimized costs.
  • Maximizing conversion rates and reducing costs through proven data-driven methods.


  • Attracting high-quality users on mobile apps.
  • Maximizing user retention rates and lifetime customer value through in-app event optimization.

These solutions leverage data and technology strategies to achieve marketing and business objectives. With this approach, PMAX has successfully optimized campaigns for over 600 projects and 500 different brands.

Data-driven & technology-powered customer journey optimization across construction activities

PAXY – A multi-channel marketing SaaS product

PMAX utilizes technology and marketing automation to enhance effectiveness and optimize costs, while also pioneering the application of AI models in assessing and optimizing creative performance, contributing to increased ROI (Return on Investment).

PAXY – A multi-channel marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) product

The exclusive PAXY tool by PMAX utilizes data and artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies to optimize advertising campaign performance, aiming to enhance return on investment (ROI):

  • Multi-source raw data collection: PAXY starts by gathering raw data from various advertising sources, allowing the tool to obtain a comprehensive overview of marketing activities and multi-channel performance.
  • Data processing: The collected data is unified, processed, and utilized to build real-time data models.
  • Data reporting: Processed data is extracted to automatically generate multi-channel performance reports.
  • Advertising optimization: Advertising is automatically optimized according to pre-set optimization rules.

Creative For Performance – A solution for optimizing creativity based on data

Creative for performance solution

Although digital transformation opens up opportunities for online revenue growth, continuously generating fresh advertising messages and achieving effective customer engagement becomes increasingly competitive and challenging, especially with consumers exposed to hundreds of diverse advertising content on social media platforms daily.

Facing this challenge, conventional creative solutions typically involve researching insights, modifying ad templates, and conducting tests. PMAX’s Creative For Performance proposes a different approach: deep data analysis based on customer segments and creative factors across thousands of designs to identify high-performing advertising elements, thereby optimizing and developing advertising content.

An exemplary collaboration is the successful partnership with FE Credit over the years. In a recent project, with a predetermined campaign timeline, PMAX diversified content/templates based on consumer behavior analysis, resulting in a 230% increase in transaction volume through the app and outstanding growth in other key metrics.

Data-driven construction: Optimizing the customer journey

One of the exemplary projects that apply data to optimize customer experience journeys, contributing to PMAX being named the Digital Agency of The Year in the Asia-Pacific region, is the “Personalization with Real-time Data” project with Vietjet.

Vietjet and PMAX have developed a multi-market communication and creative strategy based on data. The message “Happiness is in the air,” combined with the trend of “Healing Travel” during the complex economic and social transition period from 2021 to 2023, was implemented in multiple languages and tailored to over 300 customer segments across more than 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

To realize this strategy, PMAX and Vietjet analyzed over 150 million customer data points, which were then segmented into more than 300 customer segments. Personalized campaigns were deployed across over 25 channels in more than 10 countries, featuring creative content and tailored offers to increase conversion rates. Through optimizing marketing effectiveness throughout the customer journey, the project achieved positive business results and social impact.

In conclusion

The victorious position and the prestigious title of “Digital Agency of the Year” in the Asia-Pacific region are not just the result of the relentless efforts, passion, and continuous innovation from our team of experts, but also showcase PMAX’s visionary approach towards data and technology in the marketing industry over the past 8 years.

Let’s wait and see how PMAX – the Digital Agency of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region – will continue to script inspiring stories, aiming to assist multinational businesses in achieving effective growth in the future!