Grow revenue and ROAS with coordinated performance marketing plans

Grow revenue and ROAS with coordinated performance marketing plans

1. Success Story

Revenue grew 6 times with a 3 times increase in Revenue to Advertising Cost Ratio (ROAS)

Successfully implemented a performance media campaign, combining customer behavior research and content development planning to optimize marketing performance.

2. scene

Watsons is a retailer of cosmetics and health care products under the Watsons AS group with the vision of becoming the No. 1 in Asia.

To solve the revenue growth problem associated with ROAS efficiency when coming to Vietnam market in 2019, Watsons chose PMAX as a companion for performance marketing.

3. Target

Continuous revenue growth and ROAS month by month.

4. Approach

Initially, PMAX cooperated with Watsons as a media partner, focusing on consulting and implementing activities to increase revenue and ROAS. Later, to optimize marketing performance, PMAX delves into customer behavior research, provides solutions to analyze and understand customer behavior, thereby building a content strategy on the platform (onsite). and advertising (offsite).
During the cooperation period, PMAX continuously optimizes advertising campaigns through various approaches to target customer groups on both Facebook and Google, and offers A/B testing plans on content, bidding form, optimal objectives, etc. in order to find the most optimal solutions for the growth of Watsons on both website and app platforms.
In addition to the above activities, PMAX also supports consulting solutions for other problems to improve operational efficiency such as measurement, data structure, or product selection strategy and sales program building. , promotion. Marketing performance monitoring and reporting tables along with a close coordination process between the two teams contribute to making quick, timely, and reasonable decisions for maximum growth.

Consumer Research

A/B Testing

Content Strategy

5. Result

Effective advertising activities have helped Watsons grow revenue 6 times along with ROAS growth 3 times after 1 year of entering the Vietnamese market.
Through qualitative and quantitative research, Watsons has better understood the needs and behaviors of customers and has since made adjustments in marketing strategies to be able to bring more value to its customers. .

6. Solutions & Services Applied

7. Reviews From Customers

PMAX has great strength in experience and knowledge in the field of performance marketing in general and e-commerce marketing in particular. During the cooperation process, PMAX always gives practical ideas and action suggestions not only in the field of media optimization but also in the activities of organizing sales programs, optimizing sales pages, as well as content. content and images.

Ms. Tam Ngo - Senior Marketing Manager, Watsons VN

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