Standard Chartered Bank

Expand market share by leveraging Performance Marketing to target potential customers.


Successful Story

As a well-regarded British bank on the international market, Standard Chartered has been relatively quiet in Vietnam. Through consultation and support from PMAX, Standard Chartered Bank has successfully tapped into additional sources of information from potential customer groups on digital platforms.

The number of leads has doubled compared to before PMAX implemented the campaign, and the number of monthly account conversions from the PMAX source contributes approximately 40% of the total account conversions.

Project Context

Standard Chartered is a prominent multinational bank from the United Kingdom. Established in 1969, with over 50 years of operation, Standard Chartered currently operates over 1,200 branches and offices across more than 70 countries with a staff of more than 87,000.

Before working with PMAX, SC had a period of struggling to stabilize the monthly inflow of leads and simultaneously sought ways to control the quality of incoming leads to subsequently increase the conversion rate step by step and optimize the number of account conversions.

Project Goals

Increase the number of account conversions for the Standard Chartered EliteFly card through digital channels.

Campaign Direction

PMAX is responsible for conceptualizing and executing the campaign, specifically through the following activities:

  • CONSULTATION: Designing a targeted strategy and approach to optimize the customer base across various funnels using different techniques aimed at maximizing the number of successful conversions. A detailed workflow for each phase is agreed upon by both parties (responding to emails within 30 minutes, resolving urgent issues within 24 hours, etc.)
  • OPTIMIZATION: Creating a campaign structure and optimization model to expand the pool of potential customers. Developing a model to collect information about target customers and identifying them on each channel. Using data from customer conversion reports with the goal of leveraging data sources to maximize the number of successful card conversions.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Delving into existing data and performing in-depth analysis while simultaneously collecting feedback from the telesales team to optimize the conversion funnel from when a customer leaves their information to when they successfully open an account.

Solutions & Services


  • Lead generation


  • Media strategy & optimization
  • Content production
  • Reporting


  • Achieve targets: 3,500 leads per month.
  • Qualified Lead rate higher than 50%.