Ngọc Dung Beauty Center

Expand the customer base with an effective information collection strategy on digital channels.


Successful Story

PMAX implemented a campaign aimed at acquiring new customers across multiple channels (Facebook, Google, Zalo, etc.) for about 2 years.

The campaign generated over 2,500 leads per month (including names, phone numbers, and registered services) with a conversion rate to qualified leads (customers confirming interest) of about 75%.

Project Context

Established in 1998, TMV Ngọc Dung has undergone over 20 years of dazzling development and has established itself as a leader in the high-end beauty industry. Continuously receiving prestigious awards, TMV Ngọc Dung is always innovating and applying advanced technologies to enhance its service quality.

Ngọc Dung faced challenges in finding new customers and increasing the conversion rate from Leads to Qualified Leads during their marketing campaigns. The in-house team gradually could not meet the expected lead volume needed for Ngọc Dung’s growth, leading to the necessity for intervention from external parties to address the lead supply demands for the telesales team.

Project Goals

Increase sales by expanding the pool of potential customers.

Campaign Direction

PMAX provides a Lead Generation solution, focusing on advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Google and producing advertising content including images and articles.

They utilize a variety of channels with different advertising methods, such as lead form campaigns and conversion campaigns on Facebook, display campaigns, and search campaigns on Google.

They target the audience interested in beauty and skincare to maximize the registration rate of required information.

They optimize the conversion rate from leads to qualified leads based on data analysis from PMAX’s reports and identify the channels that provide quality potential customer information at the best cost.

They design multiple images and content based on analyses of potential customer demographics, optimizing designs from actual results to increase both the quantity and quality of leads while optimizing costs.

Solutions & Services


  • Lead Generation


  • Media strategy & optimization
  • Content production
  • Creative for performance


  • Maintain a high number of quality leads at 2,500 leads per month.
  • Keep the conversion rate (CR) from lead to qualified lead at 75%.