PMAX & Vietjet Air Triumph with 2 Gold Smarties Awards at MMA Smarties Award Vietnam 2023



In a testament to their innovative marketing strategies, PMAX and Vietjet Air proudly bagged two Gold Smarties Awards at the prestigious MMA Smarties Award Vietnam 2023. This remarkable achievement highlights their expertise in crafting personalized marketing campaigns that drive real business impact.

Customer Journey Marketing – Lead Generation/CRM

Winning the Gold Award for Customer Journey Marketing – Lead Generation/CRM for the second consecutive year (Gold Lead Generation Award 2022 with FE Credit) once again affirmed PMAX’s capability to create a significant and sustainable impact on the partnered brands. PMAX applied intelligent strategies and optimized solutions for journey mapping & collecting information on potential customers/Lead Generation across multiple channels, leveraging advanced technology and third-party platforms like CRM.

MMA Smarties Award Vietnam 2023

Real-Time Marketing

PMAX’s mastery of real-time marketing was evident in their Gold Award-winning campaign for Vietjet Air. This accolade underscores their ability to deliver exceptional, engaging, and successful campaigns that leverage real-time data and platforms.

MMA Smarties Award Vietnam 2023

The PMAX Marketing Solution: A Recipe for Success

To achieve these remarkable results, PMAX employed a data-driven marketing approach, prioritizing the mobile experience and allocating 75% of the campaign budget to digital channels. Three key tactical levers propelled the 12-week campaign to new heights:

  1. Optimized Paid-Owned-Earned Media Synergy: By analyzing existing data and conducting in-depth local insights, PMAX identified demand sources and conversion points among existing customers. This enabled the creation of a campaign that not only re-engaged current users but also generated fresh demand from new customers.

  2. Granular Segmentation and Targeting: The campaign leveraged CDP (Customer Data Platform) data encompassing over 150 million customer profiles to create highly targeted segments. Advanced targeting methods based on website behavior, travel destinations, and other factors further refined campaign precision across channels.

  3. Market-Tailored Channel and Creative Customization: Tailored communication strategies were implemented for each local market, encompassing channel selection, messaging approaches, and budget allocation.

Impressive Campaign Metrics: A Symphony of Success

The campaign’s impact was undeniable, with a range of impressive metrics:

  • Media coverage exceeding 80%, reaching over 125 million unique individuals in APAC

  • 1 billion impressions, 60 million engagements, 110 million video views, and the highest share of voice across all search platforms

  • 850,000 successful leads generated, with an Earned Media Value (EMV) of 3 billion dong, achieved through partnerships with 8 KOLs/influencers, 6 FanPages, and 10 Travel Communities

  • Approximately 6,000 offline conversions through participation in the Hanoi Tourism Fair, other organized events, and familiarization trips

  • 10,000 vouchers distributed using Augmented Reality (AR) ads, with over 2,000 redemptions in the first week and all vouchers redeemed within four weeks

  • Vietjet Air became the first airline in Vietnam to sell 1,400 pre-booked tickets through two live social media broadcasts, peaking at 10,000 viewers, reaching 1 million people with over 8,000 reactions and 1,800 comments

In summary

SMARTIES is an award that honors innovative innovations in marketing strategy & execution to bring significant business impact for agencies, media companies, and marketing solution providers in a country, region, or globally.

MMA Smarties Award Vietnam 2023

These Gold Awards stand as a testament to the collaborative efforts of PMAX, Vietjet Air, and the marketing industry as a whole. Vietjet Air’s pioneering adoption of CDP in the Vietnamese airline industry has proven to be a resounding success, encouraging other industry players to consider investing in CDP and data-driven strategies. Additionally, the campaign contributed to a 2.7x increase in travel demand (according to Google Search Trends), supporting the recovery and growth of the tourism industry in Vietnam and APAC post-COVID-19.

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