Increase sales on Lazada through optimizing multi-channel advertising

Increase sales on Lazada through optimizing multi-channel advertising

1. Success Story

4x revenue growth and 40% improvement in ROAS.

Continuously in the Top 5 best-selling brands on LZD in November & December.

2. scene

Estee Lauder Companies Inc (ELC) is the world's leading cosmetics company. Established in 1946 until now, ELC has been serving millions of beauties all over the world. Estee Lauder owns a diverse brand portfolio (over 40 brands) covering skin care, makeup, fragrance & hair care categories,...

ELC first went on the e-commerce floor in April 2019 with 4 brands (Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique). ELC sets a growth target month by month, with the ambition to completely conquer Vietnamese customers. ELC is not only looking for an agency that knows how to run ads, but also a strategic partner to grow together.

3. Target

Breakthrough revenue growth in the end of 2020 sales campaign while optimizing ROAS.

Maintain the top 1 & 2 positions of the best-selling brands in the Skin Care & Makeup category.

4. Approach

Develop a strategy to reach customers on digital advertising channels, including onsite (Lazada search ads) and offsite (Facebook, Google, Adnetworks, etc.), and participate in the process of ideation and planning Plan and organize sales programs to optimize marketing performance.
Implement and optimize ad performance continuously before, during, and after the campaign by building a model that predicts real-time advertising results and performance to support informed budget allocation decisions. management during the day and continuously upgrade the optimal model including evaluation KPI system, linking algorithms, and corresponding action recommendations.
Develop and update detailed advertising results and performance reports, and set out a practical action plan for the next campaigns.




5. Result

ROAS improved 40% within 3 months with monthly revenue growth more than 4 times.
In Lazada's key campaigns, Estee Lauder, MAC, and Bobbi Brown brands are always in the Top 5 best-selling brands in the Skin Care & Beauty category.

6. Solutions & Services Applied

7. Testimonials

Focus on performance, not trying to get us to spend money on fancy but ineffective activities. PMAX understands customer concerns and provides exactly what customers need. Always try to speak the same language as the customer, communicate technical issues in a way that is easy to understand, unobtrusive, not flashy like some places.

Ms. Nguyen Tran - Corp Marketing Manager, Estee Lauder Companies VN

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