Increase brand recognition and collect a list of potential customers for conversion.


VINFAST achieved a 71% increase in car sales compared to 2019, rising to become one of the top 5 best-selling car brands in 2020. In the context of a fluctuating economy and intense competition from major global car brands, PMAX and VINFAST jointly developed and executed digital marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness and attract potential customers.

Cross-Selling with Real-time Data: The breakthrough campaign helped FE CREDIT and PMAX ‘snatch’ the Gold Cup at MMA Smarties 2022.


Surpassing over 300 prominent names nationwide, FE CREDIT along with the Cross-selling With Real-time Data campaign, in collaboration with PMAX, a leading agency with a unique Total Performance Marketing solution, spectacularly secured a place on the ‘Gold Board’ for the Lead Generation category. Additionally, this campaign also excellently won a Silver award for the Real-time Marketing category at the prestigious MMA Smarties Awards 2022.

Personalized communication strategy based on multi-market data wins big at MMA Smarties 2023.


To achieve both marketing and business objectives, Vietjet Air – together with PMAX – developed an integrated communication and creative strategy to reach consumers at multiple touchpoints. This marketing campaign marked Vietjet Air’s pioneering application of CDP in the Vietnamese aviation industry. The airline has proven the effectiveness of maximizing marketing efficiency, encouraging other businesses in the industry to consider wise investments in CDP or data in general. Additionally, the campaign doubled the travel demand of customers by 2.7 times (according to Google Search Trend), contributing to the recovery and growth of the entire tourism industry in Vietnam and APAC post-Covid-19.

“Peace of Mind to Explore Freely”: When Traveling Post-Pandemic is No Longer a Concern.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel behaviors and habits of consumers have significantly changed. Besides the joy of traveling, safety and peace of mind are now top priorities for many travelers. Seizing this opportunity, Bao Viet – with support from PMAX – quickly added to customers’ travel checklists with two new insurance programs. Let’s explore how Bao Viet and PMAX implemented the campaign in the following content.